Comprehensive Payroll, Time Management & HR tools — Plus a Team of CPAs to Support You.

Why Adminitor?

With a framework built from decades of accounting and business consulting experience, Adminitor offers payroll, time & attendance, and human resources programs designed to simplify your business — not complicate it.

Time Tracking

Payroll Processing

Tax Prep & Compliance

With Adminitor, you’re free to focus on delivering your products & services to customers!

Where Is Your Company Treated Best?

Are you better off with a large payroll company that doesn’t know you or your business? Worse yet, are you better off calling a toll-free and talking to a different person every time you need help?

At big companies like ADP and Paychex, you’re just another account number.

With Adminitor, you get the personal attention your business deserves. You get your own payroll professional who knows your business. You’re able to call them whenever you have questions to get quick solutions. In fact, at Adminitor, we have on-staff CPAs. The big companies can’t do that.

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