Simplify Your Payroll Process by Outsourcing

Consider Integrated Payroll Services to Simplify Your Processes

To run a successful business, it is essential to streamline and automate wherever you can. Payroll is a very time-consuming process that is often outsourced to save time and money. Simplify your processes by utilizing integrated payroll services.

3 Reasons You should Switch to a Professional Payroll Service with Integrated Payroll Services to Simplify Your Payroll Process:

1. Develop an Efficient Payroll Process

Take a look at your current payroll process. Is it efficient? What consumes the majority of your time? Is there a more affordable, practical or automated way to complete these tasks? Outsourcing payroll to an experienced payroll company, such as Adminitor, eliminates wasted time spent on tasks you’re not good at. Adminitor payroll professionals will spend less time completing the tasks you struggle with while providing additional knowledge and support to your organization.  Your payroll and HR functions will become more efficient with single data entry resulting in improved data accuracy. Using a dedicated payroll professional that is familiar with accounting functions with a detailed understanding of tax and labor laws, your payroll will be processed accurately and legally compliant.

Potential costs of payroll mistakes are a great risk, especially when your payroll staff are not experts in the complicated realm of government tax regulations. Every single mistake can open the door to audits and costly penalties. It’s unlikely that you will be able to grow your business and stay up to speed on all the changes.

Adminitor understands the tax law. It’s our business to keep up with the rules, regulations and changes in tax law. We guarantee accuracy and compliance. If we make a mistake, we will make the correction and handle the liability of any errors we make.

What happens if your payroll professional leaves or takes time off? Do you have a back-up plan? Are multiple people within your organization approving payroll? Using an outside provider such as Adminitor, minimizes the internal staff training and avoids payroll knowledge leaving your organization. By outsourcing payroll, the many hours and resources dedicated to pay employees and maintaining proper paperwork is removed. Time is money. Now your staff can focus on improving other workflow efficiencies.

Our staff knows the various federal, state and local tax structures to provide the compliance your organization needs.

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2. Incorporate HR Tools to Eliminate Duplicate Efforts

HR and Payroll staff deal with a lot of the same information. Employee data such as contact information, salary, employee status and more, can be shared through an integrated payroll system instead of independently by both departments.  Having an integrated payroll system creates standardization, prevents duplicate efforts, minimizes human errors and reduces liability.

Adminitor helps you stay focused on your business by streamlining your payroll process, improving productivity and simplifying administration. Adminitor’s offers easy-to-use features such as paycheck calculators and pre-process registers to simplify your payroll method. Over 90 standard reports, robust report writer, integrated HR modules, direct deposit and employee self-service features are included. Your payroll and HR functions will become more efficient with single data entry resulting in improved data accuracy.

Integrated hiring and onboarding features comprised of job postings, interviews, onboarding, tax credit identification, payroll management, compliance, reporting and more are included in Adminitor’s payroll solution to make your life easier, your company compliant and your business more profitable.

3. Use a Time Tracking Solution to Increase Productivity

Need help tracking and managing your employee time by job, position, department, location and more? Adminitor offers a simple and affordable time keeping solution. By eliminating inefficiency and wasted time that is required to manually total timecard data, investigate timecard errors, make corrections, the large expense associated with employee time theft, our simple and affordable solutions is an excellent investment for any company. By integrating time management with payroll, you are saving time by eliminating the need of duplicate entries. Adminitor’s time and attendance software also includes’ the ability to easily track and managed time off: vacation time, sick time and PTO.

Choose Adminitor’s Integrated Payroll Services to Simplify Your Payroll Process

Adminitor, a division of Abbott Solutions Group, provides comprehensive Payroll, Time Management, and Human Resource solutions for organizations large and small. Adminitor works with our clients to provide the best solution, advice and personalized support with a unique approach. Adminitor’s all-in-one payroll solution includes reliable, easy to use, comprehensive human management, talent management, time management, payroll, tax, reporting and analytics. A time saving solution that can be shared by both your HR and payroll staff.

Adminitor’s time keeping solution is easy to use and affordable.

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