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Easy, Accurate, and Affordable Time Management System

Payroll and time management go hand in hand. In order to process payroll, you must have a time management system in place. Let’s start with a few questions: How efficient is your time tracking process? How do you currently track your employee’s time? Do you still use paper time sheets? Are your payroll professionals spending hours tracking down missed punches, or trying to figure out what was written down on the time card?  If you have employees that must track their time in order to get paid, having an easy, accurate and affordable time management system in place saves your business time and money while also improving your ability to process payroll faster with less errors.

Adminitor has a time management solution that integrates with our payroll solution. Here’s a list of some of the key benefits Adminitor’s Easy, Accurate, and Affordable Time Management Solution provides:

Adminitor is extremely professional, reliable and pleasant to work with.

Lisa d., Carrolton, GA

Ability to Track Employee Time from Any Location with Geo fencing Technology.

Finding a time clock system that tracks time for workers spread between job sites, working from home, and at the office is imperative. Making sure your employees are clocking in and out at the right place is difficult. Adminitor offers geofencing which will pinpoint each approved location to ensure your employees are clocking in/out where they should be. This is an invaluable management tool that can prevent improper time sheets and stolen time.

Utilize Advanced Scheduling to Simplify Your Time Management System.

Another great feature Adminitor provides is the ability to distinguish time off. Our system allows your business to track personal time off, vacation, sick time, and sick/family leave. This key component will make the stress load less and the organization of employee time more precise. This feature will allow easy access to be able to approve time and see the time that is available while also categorizing the time off reason codes.

Select from a variety of different time keeping solutions.

Adminitor offers many ways your company can track employee time. Employees can punch in via web or by the use of physical clocks. Enjoy the smart clock features that set rules to prevent early punches and enforce breaks. Employees and managers can even receive alerts for missed punches. Enabling self-service at both physical and web-based clocks is another helpful feature.

Our timekeeping solution is so affordable and easy to use, our customers love it!

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Adminitor provides excellent service to make your payroll and time keeping process not only easier but accurate. Build a direct relationship with your personal payroll professional and allow Adminitor to become an extension of your business. You will work closely with your payroll professional throughout our relationship, building a trusted connection. Our goal at Adminitor is to provide an easy, accurate, and affordable payroll and time management solution to make your life easier.

Since time is money, outsourcing your payroll to a dependable company such as Adminitor gives your company the opportunity to have one less task to worry about. Say goodbye to wasted time and money on fines, due dates, w2’s, and all the other stress that comes along with payroll. We are here to make time management easier for you.

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