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Most small business owners and employees wear multiple hats. Everyone works hard to get the job done and grow the business. Payroll & HR is one of the tasks that either the owner, or another associates ends up taking care of. Not only is it a time-consuming task, but also a very tedious job that requires attention to detail.

Adminitor can assist you and your staff to make these tasks much more manageable.

Timeclock/Time Tracking System
Timeclock/Time Tracking System
Cloud-based Turn-key Payroll Solutions
Cloud-based Turn-key Payroll Solutions
Paperwork & Compliance Management
Paperwork & Compliance Management

Time Tracking / Timeclocks

Adminitor’s timeclock & time management services are designed to offer exceptional convenience, and substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of labor. Our time management provides a simple and affordable timekeeping solution for organizations of any size, large and small.

Whether you need a simple “in and out” system or a complex program that includes labor distribution and shift differentials, our timekeeping solution is easily scalable to meet your company’s specific needs.

Features of our Time Management include: 

  • Mobile, Online, and Time Clock Punching
  • Time-Off Requests/Approvals
  • Real-Time Reporting

It’s easy to begin using Adminitor’s Time Management System. Simply plug the device into a standard power source and internet connection, and you’re ready to enjoy a simple, efficient solution for employee time tracking. Adminitor offers your company a variety of methods for employees to ‘clock’ in and out. Whether it’s entering a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) or swiping a secure proximity card or key fob, or using a biometric scan, we provide the perfect solution for your time tracking needs. Using a web-based application, our Time Management Systems collect time data via an Ethernet (real-time), Analog (nightly), or Cellular (wireless) connection. All calculation, processing and reporting is completed in the online Data Center. Your HR staff can then log in to our secure site to view, edit and create the payroll reports you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Both simple and affordable, Adminitor’s Time Management System is designed for most any size organization. The system generates cost savings by reducing the administrative workload normally required to prepare routine payroll runs. Automatic software updates and a simple, efficient process also saves time and frees up your staff to focus on more important tasks.

Cloud-Based Payroll System

Payentry Payroll Processing converts the payroll cycle from a burdensome, check-producing task into a cost-effective management asset by streamlining the process, improving productivity, and simplifying administration. Including tools such as paycheck calculators and pre-process registers, Payentry’s Payroll Processing solution includes payroll data on-demand with over 90 standard reports, an easy-to-use yet robust report writer, integrated HR modules, and Employee Self Service. Your payroll and HR function will be more efficient with single data entry and will improve data accuracy. Payentry’s Secureview application provides payroll reports, tax filing reports, census data, and more accessible online. Protected via secure logins, employees may access pay stubs, payroll history, W-2s, and more through the Employee Self Service (ESS) option. Eliminating the need for paper copies, this option is also an environmentally friendly solution. Payentry also offers Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation coverage, requiring no down payment or deposit and premium calculations that coincide with your payroll cycle.

Payentry’s Payroll Processing saves your organization time and money by:

  • Ensuring greater accuracy by viewing payroll details before final processing
  • Providing total payroll liability (wages, taxes, etc.) with real-time calculations
  • Providing integration of payroll data into your General Ledger system
  • Virtually eliminating the need for paper payroll delivery with Secureview which provides more than 90 on-demand standard reports for payroll, taxes, employee demographics and more

Payentry is a cloud-based payroll, time clock system and human resources program accessible at your convenience – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By using Payentry, Adminitor is able to leverage the latest technology to ensure the security of your confidential employee and payroll data, while providing a consistently reliable customer experience.

Industries we serve

Retail, Hospitality, State & Local Government, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

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On-boarding Paperwork

Tax Reporting & Compliance

The IRS and your state Department of Labor love paperwork. Lucky for you, we do too. We’ll handle your payroll reports and tax filings on your behalf.

Adminitor processes your payroll, tax filings, quarterly and end of year reports on time and accurately. Adminitor can also withhold and payout all payroll deductions, such as insurance, 401k, wage garnishments, and more. If we make a mistake, we make the correction and handle the penalty. That’s our guarantee.

Does your small business need a better hiring or new employee on-boarding process? Adminitor’s payroll solution includes integrated hiring and on-boarding features comprised of job postings, interviews, on-boarding, tax credit identification, payroll management, compliance, reporting and more to make your life easier, your company compliant and your business more profitable.

24/7 Data Access

Through Adminitor’s payroll solution, permissions can vary per employee depending on level of responsibility. Adminitor will handle the initial set up, which includes taxes, benefits, deductions, earnings, along with end of quarter reports, end of year reports, W2’s, 1095, and ACA’s. Each customer can decide if they want to process their own payroll and manage employee maintenance or let Adminitor handle it all. Most of our customers want Adminitor take care of everything. Regardless of who handles what, each customer will have access to reports, employee self-service and additional features such as time management, hiring and on-boarding tools.

Adminitor Online Payroll Processing Service

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