Efficient and Accurate Time Keeping and Payroll Processes for Manufacturing

Payroll and Time Keeping Solutions for Manufacturing

How often do you struggle with missed punches? Are you worried about employee’s buddy punching? Tired of long lines at the beginning and end of each shift to clock in and out? Adminitor has a time keeping solution that will fit your needs regardless of how large or small your business is. Learn how Adminitor can transform your payroll and time keeping process. Manufacturing Companies are prime candidates for our time keeping solutions. Payroll and Time Keeping Solutions for Manufacturing have never been easier!

Allow More Success by Implementing Easy Payroll and Time Keeping Solutions for Manufacturing   

Quality and efficiency are extremely important throughout any business, but especially in Manufacturing. Keeping machines running around the clock requires manpower. Often times shifts overlap so employees can replace each other without having to stop production. Minimizing lines at the time clock is a must. Now, with COVID, having a touchless way to clock in and out with integrated thermal scanning is the most ideal method to keep your employees safe and healthy.

With Adminitor’s help, you can select the most efficient time tracking method for your business. Methods can differ by department. From physical time clocks to apps, we’ve got you covered! We understand payroll and know the importance of tracking employee time. Our time keeping software integrates into our payroll software, making your life easier.

Stop stressing over unnecessary expenses that can be prevented by choosing a team of professionals that can help you navigate and process payroll.

Stop Overpaying for ‘Assumed’ Hours Worked

Are you tired of wasting time trying to figure out missed time punches or tracking down illegible paper time sheets? Are you spending hours creating and then revising shift schedules? One of the best features Adminitor has to offer is the ability to create employee schedules online. The tool shows the different shifts, how many people are working that shift, how many more people you need, and how many hours worked per employee and more! It’s hard enough to manage cash flow and coverage without the added headache of deciphering and double-checking timecards completed from memory. Implementing an efficient payroll and time keeping solution for your manufacturing company is easier than you think.

This invaluable management tool is making it easier for managers to review timecards, pay proper wages, enforce breaks, control overtime, job cost and automate PTO management. With a complete timecard history, you now have the proof you need when applying for government programs like the CARES Act.

In the Middle of a Pandemic Adminitor Introduces Vision to Protect Employee’s

A new touchless time clock that includes an integrated thermal scanner is now available. The clock uses facial recognition with and without mask. It takes the employee temperature and stores the data. This allows employees to come back to work and gives employers a peace of mind while contributing to a safety work environment.

The new time clock is easy and fast to use! Employee’s stand directly in front of the clock and face the scanner. Once the timeclock identifies the employee by scanning facial features, the employee time is recorded and sent into the database for time keeping and attendance. Body temperature is scanned using a multi-point infrared scanner. This system also keeps track of paid time off, eliminating the need of spreadsheets to keep up with the time.

Benefits that come from the facial recognition time clocks include:

  • Touchless and Sanitary
  • Faster Clock In
  • Near 100% Accuracy with Facial Identity
  • No Buddy Punching
  • Can Work in Any Environment
  • No Need or Lost Key Cards, Fobs, or ID Passwords
  • Better Security

Each of these benefits help the manufacturing company with security and safety of time tracking and an efficient clock in and clock out process. The facial recognition timeclock also gives the owners and managers a way to protect their employees during the pandemic. This is a great solution for industries that require temperature reading.

Professional Support for All of Your Payroll and Time Keeping Solutions for Manufacturing

Potential costs of payroll mistakes are a great risk, especially when your payroll staff are not experts in the complicated realm of government tax regulations. Every mistake can open the door to audits and costly penalties. It’s unlikely that you will be able to grow your business and stay up to speed on all the changes. Adminitor will process your payroll, tax filings, quarterly and end of year reports on time and accurately. If we make a mistake, we will make the correction and handle the liability.

Adminitor helps you stay focused on your business by streamlining your payroll and time keeping process, improving productivity and simplifying administration. Set up is easy! Utilize Adminitor’s easy-to-use features such as paycheck calculators, and pre-process registers to simplify your payroll method. Adminitor makes it easy to check the pay rates for each employee. Over 90 standard reports, robust report writer, integrated time keeping, and HR modules, direct deposit and employee self-service features are included. Your payroll and HR functions will become more efficient with single data entry resulting in improved data accuracy.

Integrated Hiring and Onboarding Features Included in Payroll and Time Keeping Solutions for Manufacturing

Integrated hiring and onboarding features comprised of job postings, interviews, onboarding, tax credit identification, payroll management, compliance, reporting and more are included in Adminitor’s payroll solution to make your life easier, your company compliant and your business more profitable. Spend more time producing and less time processing payroll and or tracking down missing employee time.

Adminitor can provide a payroll and time keeping solution for manufacturing companies large and small. Let us help you make the change and to an easier and more efficient time keeping solution. We will work with you throughout the onboarding process to set up each employee and all deductions. Because our staff is familiar with payroll and taxes, we can ensure your payroll will be paid on time and correctly. No more headaches and stress from payroll, taxes, and timekeeping. Manufacturing company time is crucial save the extra time by having a more efficient time clock. We can help make your payroll and time keeping fast, easy and accurate. As a result, you can run a profitable company and spend time away, with Adminitor.

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