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Time Keeping Challenges You Can Avoid

Are you wasting time and money on a bad, outdated time keeping process? If so, it’s time to make a change. Most time keeping challenges are avoidable. You should consider investing in a new, and improved time clock. A clock that supports your business and simplifies your overall payroll process. Choose a clock that eliminates the bottleneck at the shift start and end times. Select a clock that integrates with your payroll. Choose a time keeping solutions that supports your business and lessons your workload.

The following time keeping challenges can be avoided by simply implementing the right time keeping method.

1. Compliance Issues

It is a common practice to round an employee’s hours for the day. Often time is rounded by total hours worked or by rounding in and out punches. The DOL requires rounding to be neutral for both the employer and the employee. Investing in automated time and attendance software can perform the rounding process for you preventing rounding issues for the employer.

Does your company automatically deduct 30 minutes or 1 hour from your employees time for lunch each day? What happens when the employee doesn’t take a lunch or works through lunch? Employees must be paid for all time worked. Having the right time and attendance solution in place will allow proper tracking of all employee time.

How often do your employees take work home after hours to finish up? Do you have a mobile time clock system so employees can clock in from home to ensure they are compensated for the extra hours worked? Due to Fair Labor Standards Act, overtime rules are set, in which all businesses must comply. Unpaid hours worked and not compensated for can result in legal action.

How do you track time card edits? An employer can recall why changes were made to an employee’s card when edits are documented virtually in time keeping systems. This provides justification and the ability to recall and compile reports quickly.

How much effort is required to retrieve time card data? Would you be prepared for a Department Of Labor audit? Having a time clock system virtually stores unlimited history that can be pulled in seconds. This audit trail reflects changes that have been made, who made them and when they were made.

2. Payroll Errors

Eliminate manual processes and data entry by choosing a time tracking system and employee time clocks that integrate seamlessly with your payroll system. Eliminate mistakes made by typos, unreadable time sheets, missed punches or other time consuming and outdated methods.

3. Lack of Labor Resources

Is your admin staff spending too much time pushing paper around? Need more time or resources to get legitimate profit-generating activities completed?  Get the right technology, the right people, and the right mindset, so your HR can automate transactional processes. Proper time tracking, payroll with HR solutions will allow them to have the time to take on higher level strategizing. No need to hire more people, just improve their processes to free up their time!

4. Time Keeping Challenges Can Also Lead To Un-intentional Employee Time Theft

As much as 7% of your gross annual payroll may be taken by Time theft. (source) Eliminate hours of stolen time by utilizing a biometric time clock. No more buddy punching or padded time cards. How many employees are trying to remember the hours they worked so they can fill out and turn in their time sheets? Entering time after the fact is not a smart business practice. This is yet another way time can be padded when estimating actual time worked.

5. Better Manage Overtime

A new overtime rule took effect on January 1, 2020. To comply with the new overtime law accurate employee timekeeping is required. Investing in software that allows employee schedules to be added so that management is flagged when punches are missed and overtime is accrued is very helpful. Simplifying and automating processes always improves workflow and minimizes mistakes. Compiling history of worked hours and employee habits enables for more relevant conversations and management practices.

6. Eliminate Time Keeping Challenges to Reduce Employee Oversight

Mistakes are made by both dishonest and careless employees. Mistakes are also sometimes made unintentionally. Math errors on paper time cards, data entry mistakes, and lapses in memory are just a few examples. Paper time cards are normally handled by several people. The more touches, vulnerability of human error increases.

When a time card error isn’t caught and corrected, it creates an inaccurate paycheck. One payroll mistake leads to a lot of additional work for the employee, manager and payroll team.

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