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How does your company currently track employee time? Do you still use paper time sheets or an outdated punch card system? If so, it’s time to replace your old-fashion equipment and old-school process with an easy to use, more convenient method. At Adminitor, we specialize in payroll and time keeping solutions. We can help your business save time and money by investing in the right time keeping technology for all your employees.

Selecting a time keeping solution that integrates with my payroll was the best decision! It saves me tons of time each pay period when processing payroll.

Jenny M., Lagrane, ga

There are three main types of employee compensation: hourly, salary and commission. Keeping track of hours worked and logging time off can become overwhelming and very time consuming. Implementing the proper time keeping solution for your company is essential. Let’s discuss your options.

Physical Time Clock Solutions

Physical time clocks have been improved immensely over the years to not only speed up the clocking in and clocking out transaction but also to help avoid missed punches and buddy punching.

Biometric Time and Attendance Clocks include fingerprints, palm-prints, iris scans, facial recognition, and voice recognition. Activating the clocks opens the door which helps avoid missed punches and records entering and exiting an area to trace employee’s status. No more key fobs or having to remember your password. Biometric time clocks are perfect for the hospitality industry as well as healthcare and manufacturing. Industries with large staffs and frequent shift changes are ideal for biometric time clocks.

Proximity-based Time and Attendance Clocks utilize a card or fob. This method of clocking in and out is faster than you may think. Fobs and cards are unique to each employee and can be deactivated when an employee is terminated or if fraud is detected. Drawbacks of this type of time clock include the potential for buddy punching along with the occasional lost card or fob.

Key Code Time Clocks require a PIN to access. The PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a four or six-digit numerical code used to clock in or out. This option is a little slower and can be challenging when an employee forgets their PIN.

Digital Time Clock Solutions

Digital time clocks have become more popular. With more and more employees working remote what better way to track their time!

Web-based Time and Attendance Clocks are convenient because you can log in through a secure web page from any location.

Mobile Time and Attendance Clocks are also internet based. Smart phones can be used to track time with build in GPS tracking technology for location-specific tracking. This option is perfect for construction workers, delivery drivers and service workers.

Our payroll professionals are ready to help you select the perfect time keeping solution. Simplify your payroll today!

Wayne A., Lagrange, ga

Many businesses continue to use what works. They have the ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentality. Using paper time sheets or punch time clocks are outdated. If your company uses either of these two methods, it is time to upgrade! Selecting a time keeping solution that integrates with your payroll solution will improve your overall payroll process while saving your company time, money, and frustration. Adminitor offers a complete payroll and time keeping solution. Save money by eliminating the ability for employees to cheat on their timecards, intentionally and unknowingly.  Select a time keeping solution that will not allow buddy punching. Simplify your timecard approval process by implementing the time keeping solution that works best for your company.

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