Broken, Old, Outdated Time Keeping Methods Need To Be Replaced

Upgrade Your Time Keeping Method Now

With technology improving daily, why not upgrade your time keeping method? Aren’t you tired of spending countless hours keying in time? Do you have to track down missing punches? Why are you procrastinating?

We have on-staff CPA’s ready to help you!

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With Adminitor, not only can we help you select a time keeping solution that works for your company and improves your overall process but it also integrates with our payroll. Let’s discuss how you know it’s time to upgrade!

4 Ways You Know It’s Time To Upgrade Your Time Keeping Method

1. Still Using Paper Time Sheets or Punch Clocks?

Time clock technology has come a long way. Stop wasting precious time manually calculating and keying in time collected from time sheets or punch clocks. Costly mistakes are also a big concern. From keying errors, to over or under paid employees due to missing or incorrect information. How often do your employees try to remember the hours they worked and log it at the last minute before turning in their time? How accurate do you think that is?

2. Does Your Current Time Keeping System Work For All Of Your Employees?

Do you make all of your employees track their time the same way? Why? If your organization is set up with different departments or shifts their needs and work habits are different. For example, manufacturing plant workers will most likely clock in and out faster and more efficiently with an electronic time clock. While office workers, may track their time through an online link since they sit in front of a computer all day. Do you have employees always on the go? Possibly at different locations? Not a problem! There’s an app for that. Providing the right time tracking solution to support your business improves your overall payroll process.

3. Spending Too Much Time Collecting or Calculating Worked Hours?

If you are spending too much time collecting or calculating worked hours your process is broken or outdated. Identifying exactly what is taking the most time is the first step. Next, take a look at the mistakes being made. Keying errors, missed punches, wrong hours logged all take time out of your day to resolve.

4. Does Your Time Keeping Method Integrates With Your Payroll?

If your payroll and time keeping process is not integrated, it’s time to upgrade. Eliminate the need for duplicate entries. Streamline your payroll process by selecting a solution that provides value. Value which includes real time, up to the minute, time punch information with the ability to monitor and track attendance infractions. Easily track and manage time-off which includes vacation time, sick time, and PTO.

Upgrade Your Time Keeping With Our Help!

Adminitor is different than most payroll and time keeping companies because we take the time to learn our customers and understand what their needs are. Selecting the right solution for your business is important to us. Our staff is here to help you review, support and discuss options to ensure the transition is smooth and accurate. We want to be an extension of your business. We will work with you to add value and implement a time keeping system that simplifies and improves your entire payroll process. Quit wasting time and money on out dated time tracking systems. You will see immediate results just in the amount of time you will be saving.

The staff are always a pleasure to work with. Along with being courteous, they are very accurate and prompt.

Doris F., Luthersville, GA

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