Adminitor is Different than other Payroll Services

Why Adminitor is Different

Are you tired of working with large companies like ADP and PayChex that don’t understand your business? Is your organization being bounced around from one rep to another? Are your inquiries going to a call center? Do you feel like your company is too small to receive the attention it deserves? Here’s why Adminitor is different from other payroll providers.

ADP & Paychex Can’t Compete With Our One-on-One Service

Adminitor, a division of Abbott Solutions Group, provides comprehensive cloud-based Payroll, Time Management, and Human Resource solutions for businesses of all sizes. Established in 2013, by local business owner and CPA, Wayne Abbott, Adminitor offers decades of accounting and business consulting experience to help you manage payroll and other human resource functions.

Adminitor helps you stay focused on your business by streamlining your payroll process, improving productivity and simplifying administration. Your payroll and HR functions become more efficient with single data entry resulting in improved data accuracy.

My goal when creating Adminitor was to fill an industry gap and simplify the accounting process.

Wayne Abbott
abbott solutions group
founder & president

Adminitor Is More Than Just a Payroll Service

Don’t get bogged down in mountains of paperwork and ever-changing regulations. Every little mistake increases costs and inflates your timeline. Avoid common errors that plague Human Resources by working with Adminitor’s payroll solution which includes integrated hiring and on-boarding tools that cover all your hiring needs. Background checks, E-Verify, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening are just a few of the helpful solutions available.

Need help tracking and managing your employee time by job, position, department, location and more? Adminitor offers a simple and affordable time keeping solution. By eliminating inefficiency and wasted time that is required to manually total time card data, investigate time card errors, make corrections, the large expense associated with employee time theft, our simple and affordable solutions is an excellent investment for any company.

Unlike our many of our competitors, Adminitor offers professional support that extends beyond payroll. Adminitor is a sister company of Abbott & Associates, LLC, which specializes in out-sourced accounting solutions. We are staffed to service your account with CPA’s on hand. Allow Adminitor the opportunity to provide your organization with a superior level of service, knowledge and support.  

Unlike The Big Boys, We Provide Dedicated Professional Support

At Adminitor, our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers. We want to be part of your organization. Building trust over time and focusing on how we help you operate better and more efficiently is our job.

Adminitor takes pride in our ability to personalize each customers experience. Unlike ADP & Paychex, every customer is assigned a dedicated payroll accountant. This allows a relationship to form creating trust, dedication and loyalty. If your payroll accountant is out of the office or unavailable, our staff is cross trained to process your payroll or answer any inquiries you may have. Adminitor does not have a call center approach nor do we encounter a lot of turnover which is beneficial to building lasting relationships.

“Our business started using Adminitor’s payroll services about eight years ago.  It has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made. Adminitor’s  set up process is quick and easy. Our employees love their payroll checks being  directly deposited into their bank accounts. Our business never has to be  concerned about prompt payroll deposits, payroll withholding, or payroll taxes  being paid to the IRS because Adminitor handles this through their payroll  services. We would highly recommend using Adminitor’s payroll service for  your business.” 


Our Commitment to Service Builds Loyalty

Working with large companies can sometimes feel overwhelming to small organizations. We work with companies daily that have chosen to leave larger payroll companies because they don’t get the attention, direction or support they want and need. Selecting the right company to support your business is imperative. You need a company that understands your business, works well with your people and adds value. Working with small businesses of 1 or more employees, up to 300, is our sweet spot. Adminitor understands small business. We will work closely with your business to ensure quality and expectations are met. We want to be an extension of your business earning your trust and loyalty.

Adminitor is so much more than just a payroll company. The knowledge, support and services that are available to our clients is beyond that of a standard payroll company. The ability to bundle our services, share CPA’s and receive advice and support from other Abbott Solutions Group divisions sets us apart. Being an entrepreneur is tough. Focus on what you love and let us handle the rest.

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